Tuesday :: Jan 27, 2009

Beat Their Brains Out

by Steve

On a day when Corporate America laid off over 55,000 workers in one day, the GOP leadership in each house of Congress Monday looked for ways to stall the domestic recovery program unless President Obama agreed to make Bush’s tax cuts permanent. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain complained that the administration’s recovery package was insufficient to get the job done. Why? Because the plan was written by Democrats, had too few tax cuts in it, and had too much spending for Main Street. Oh, and they said it couldn’t possibly work as well as handing more tax cuts to Corporate America, because we all saw how well it worked to hand Wall Street the first $350 billion.

No, really, that’s their argument. This, even after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that the Democrats’ recovery plan would pump two-thirds of its tax cuts and increased spending into the pipelines by the end of 2010 to spur economic growth.

After ramming whatever they wanted through Congress without caring one damn bit about bipartisanship, it only took the GOP minority a week to humiliate Obama for even trying to work with them. Moreover, these concerns about too much spending for Main Street are coming from the same crew that rubber-stamped every spending request for Iraq and every piece of corporate welfare for eight long years. But now that Wall Street has looted Main Street and grabbed all that welfare with the full backing of congressional Republicans, the GOP leadership in both houses wants permanent tax cuts for Wall Street and less spending for Main Street.

I can only hope that President Obama takes a two-by-four to their heads in the coming weeks. He needs to remind the country every day that while the GOP is still protecting those that just ripped off $350 billion and wants less money for Main Street, he and the Democratic majority want to change the direction of the country to put Main Street ahead of Wall Street.

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