Tuesday :: Jan 27, 2009

The Time Is Now

by Turkana

Chicago Dyke:

To me, it's completely obvious: no Dem administration is ever going to get more than a handful of Republicans to go along with anything that Dems propose. Republicans oppose Democratic initiatives, always. And the rare times when they don't oppose something the Dems propose, it's because they better understand the deep strategies and gamesmanship, and how to play the 'fake' of temporary support followed by later opposition. But expecting widespread Republican support for any Democratic initiative is just plain stupid. And ignorant of recent history. And perhaps cowardly, and incompetent.

Think Progress reported yesterday that Obama was thinking of cutting family planning from the stimulus bill, as a way to appease Republicans. Despite the fact that, you know, he won. And that we don't need Republican votes to pass bills. Unless they want to try shutting down the country by opposing a very popular president's attempt to save the collapsing economy. Which they might do. And which they would not succeed at doing, either legislatively or politically. But despite such an attempt to appease the unappeasable, they remain, shockingly, unappeased.

There will come a time when Obama has to tell the world that he's been making an honest effort, while the Republicans haven't been. That bipartisanship doesn't work when one side refuses to be bipartisan. That if we're going to remain partisan, it's time for the winner to act like the winner. And do the people's work, unhindered and unfettered.

UPDATE: As dday puts it:

Obama has maintained this sugar plum fairy vision of bipartisanship, yet his bill manifestly does NOT value "what works" over ideology. Quite the opposite. It makes room for ideology, conservative ideology, and pre-empts provisions that would work much better in bringing back the economy. Despite a mandate for major new social and economic programs from the public, Obama is still playing small ball. He's responding to Republican hissy fits and teaching them that all they have to do to wring a concession is scream for a day or so and let their media allies whip up a frenzy. He's offering half-measures when they won't do the job.
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