Saturday :: Jan 31, 2009

A Trillion Bucks For Purple Fingers

by Steve

Purple fingers, and it only cost us 4,000 dead and over a trillion dollars

A couple of items for general discussion today:

Did you notice the inverse relationship between ExxonMobil’s fortunes and the country as a whole? So much for that standard GOP argument that what’s good for business is good for the country.

Yes, the 400 richest Americans saw their incomes double during the Bush years while their average tax rate plummeted to only 17.2 percent. And we got nothing in terms of investment and jobs growth for that gift. Yet the message from the newly elected head of the RNC today, aside from mocking Obama’s desired bipartisanship, was to insist that there will be no redistribution of these gains from wealthy to Main Street. Too bad the nation’s GOP governors don’t agree, and want Congress to approve the economic recovery plan the House GOP caucus pissed all over. It looks like Obama has the wedge issue he’s looking for.

And yes trolls, we are all impressed with the Iraqi elections today. And it only cost over 4,000 American lives, tens of thousands of maimed American soldiers, well over a hundred thousand dead Iraqis, their looted and destroyed country, our bankrupt economy, and over a trillion dollars with interest from our treasury to get it. Who amongst us decided that it was our obligation to shoulder this burden, aside from bloodthirsty and immoral Republicans?

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