Monday :: Feb 2, 2009

Unable or Unwilling To Fight

by Steve

You probably noticed all the GOP talking heads on the weekend chat fests, telling us that tax cuts for lower income Americans and spending for Main Street wouldn’t work, while saying with a straight face that Corporate America needed more tax cuts. Did you see any sign of a coordinated counter message from the White House, fighting the GOP on the issues and going after their failed dogma?

Nope, and you won’t either. The Obama White House is still delusional in its thinking that by not talking about issues, by not challenging GOP senators, and by continuing to appeal for fuzzy bipartisanship that they’ll pull enough GOP senators over to vote for a package that will already be watered down too much with futile and failing gestures to win GOP votes. And it will be a waste of time.

This is the way Obama won the nomination, not on the issues or making a compelling case for a Democratic or progressive counter agenda, but by talking up change, by taking advantage of Clinton’s mistakes, and by appealing for “anyone but Hillary.” Now that he has to attack on the issues to win, he doesn’t know how to, and may not have the skills to do it, because he himself doesn’t have the DNA to do it.

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