Friday :: Feb 13, 2009

We Don’t Do That

by paradox

I do listen to wisdom from voices I trust, it happens occasionally, and it’s been my honor over the years to read Melissa McEwan of Shakesville, who stays with me this morning in her dictum that serving liberals in the community do not cluck I told you so. Not only is it obnoxiously un-helpful to a brother or sister hurting in a ditch, it also ludicrously assumes that there will never be a day you’re incorrect yourself.

Sheesh. Now that the latest Gregg fiasco of embracing bipartisanship is behind us—even though the outcome was so utterly predictable, even if it deeply angered and discouraged the most loyal and serving among us, even if it emboldened the Republicans and horribly hurt our smallest people—well, let the learning and growth commence.

Always very good advice, true. I have been very quiet lately, yes, ill at first, unfortunately, and then in and out of the hospital all week. I’ve been poked, prodded, iv’d, and stuck with so many needles I feel like a lab experiment. The two times I was foolish enough to bang out political text all I did was deliberately start fights at Booman Tribune and Daily Kos. You know better, one brother said at Daily Kos as they passed out doughnuts and took my “tu” away. Yes, I do.

So quiet for a while I will continue to be, I’m afraid, I find American politics to be infuriating and absurdly stressful. I’m supposed to be taking caring of myself for a while, it means change, I’m not good at it and I don’t want to. As I hack at the weeds that always grow back every year, right, well, perhaps I will learn more patience for change with the country.

Yeah, I’m sure. Meantime I’ve started a romantic vignette, novella, whatever, can you get over that shit? It has nothing to do with the oft-loathsome Valentine’s Day—make her thorny!—which I always forget (tomorrow, okay), I just need to write out of politics for a bit.

So I’ll continue to be scarce, I’m afraid. There are things I must do—and not do—for a while. I’m terribly torn between duty to country and self, but for once it’s pretty clear where I should be going right now.

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