Friday :: Feb 13, 2009

Stimulus Passes Congress - House GOP Soils Their Undies

by Steve

Barack Obama got the stimulus package through both houses of Congress today, with not one House GOP vote. House Minority Leader John Boehner proudly dumped a copy of the bill on the House floor to mock it, a piece of video that I'd like to personally ram down his throat several years from now when the economy recovers and generates millions of jobs.

The House GOP performed similar antics and behaved in a similarly juvenile fashion back in 1993 when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were forced to push their economic agenda through Congress with unified and coordinated GOP opposition in tandem with the Chamber of Commerce. As a result, the GOP got little to no credit for the economic growth of that decade, and they will likewise get no credit this time. At least we have have the video clip of Boehner's derision today for the record. The difference this time of course is that the Chamber of Commerce and the nation's governors want this package, so the GOP has managed to make itself a fringe party after only four weeks in the minority.

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