Sunday :: Feb 15, 2009

GOP Instantaneously Solves World's Problems

by eriposte

Are you depressed because of the bad economy and the ongoing conflicts across the world? Are you unhappy with your current job? Do you have intractable problems in your personal life?

Are you a shopaholic headed to a confessional? Are you concerned that you don't have someone to read you old novels and books when you are bored? Are you finding that the person you consider your significant other is just not that into you? Are you worried about how to address corruption at the top levels of financial institutions across the world? Does your car need an oil change?

Well, worry no more. The GOP is here to solve all of your problems. Just go to:

GOP Problem Solver

If you feel the solution offered by the website doesn't help you, make sure you click on the link "That doesn't make sense" to see what GOP Problem Solver has to offer you.

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