Thursday :: Feb 19, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

California's Republican State Senators continue to worship at the altar of tax cuts and swear fealty to their demi-God, Grover Norquist. So when California can no longer keep the lights on, can we ask these Republican Senators to take in the prisoners who will need a new home because all the guards will be let go and the prisons in those small California towns will need to be emptied? Or perhaps they can figure out how to get volunteer guards and put on bake-sales to keep the prisons running? Obviously that is one place they have no problem spending LOTS of money.

What I don't understand is why the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups haven't put some major pressure on these fanatics to stop their games. You would think the business backers of the GOP would be rather horrified at the realization that California could be completely broken for decades. But perhaps they are waiting to pick the carcass?

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