Friday :: Feb 27, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Well, Brent Wilkes old friend, Dusty Foggo, formerly number the in the CIA, has been sentenced to 37 months for steering contracts to Brent who was convicted of bribing Duke Cunningham.

Just a bit over 3 years for Dusty. Wonder what Brent Wilkes or the Dukester think of the light sentence for Dusty. Yet, as Laura Rozen wrote last October, the CIA must be happy to see the back of Dusty who plead guilty to one count of federal wire fraud in exchange for dropping the other 27 charges for which he had been indicted.

I reported on the case at Mother Jones overnight, and how relieved CIA executives must have been to see the case go away with a quiet plea agreement, since Foggo was threatening to spill every Agency operational program and the identity of every CIA asset he knew about, which was a lot.

Perhaps his classified "good deeds" for which he is being rewarded in the news stories today arise from the same desire that he keep quiet about his years of corruption within the CIA and all those who would be unhappy to have the classified "good deeds" come out.

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