Wednesday :: Mar 4, 2009

Whining Republicans

by Deacon Blues

It's a good sign when you go after the Big Fat One of the GOP, and see the long-discredited trolls come out from under their rocks to defend him and attack Obama, like they did today in the earlier post.

Keep in mind that two major lines of attack from the GOP today are pathetic whining:

1. Obama is making all this up about Rush being the leader of the party; and

2. Obama is responsible for our economic troubles.

The first of these complaints only reinforce that Democrats have successfully pistol-whipped the GOP into the corner. I mean, Weepy John Boehner actually blamed the White House today for the GOP's troubles with Rush, by saying with a straight face in a Post Op-Ed tomorrow that it is all a carefully-planned Democratic diversion away from domestic stimulus spending.

As for the second bit of desperation, I give you one question from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll:

17. When you think about the current economic conditions, do you feel that this is a situation that Barack Obama has inherited or is this a situation his policies are mostly responsible for?
Situation Obama inherited 84%
Situation Obama responsible for 8%

Someone get Boehner a box of Kleenex, OK?

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