Thursday :: Mar 5, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Push Begins

by Deacon Blues

While Hillary is overseas dealing with Iran and other major problems, Obama's team is set to tackle health care reform this week. Ironically, they are doing so after learning a great deal from Hillary's experience.

In hindsight, it was smart for Obama's first budget to put a down payment out there ($634 billion over 10 years) on the cost of the eventual plan, because it forces the GOP to oppose it as wasteful, big government spending at a time their brand and arguments have no traction. Similarly, Obama is letting Congress and a broad-based outreach effort take the lead in getting this debate off the ground, instead of repeating the Clinton administration's mistake of running this from the White House with too much secrecy. Lastly, Team Obama was smart to jump out in front on this early in the term, instead of letting critical months expire as we creep closer to the 2010 midterm elections and certain inaction.

Oh sure, the GOP will fight this tooth and nail, and raise Hillary's name more than a few times. But Team Obama owes a small debt to Hillary on this, and they'll be much better prepared to win this fight over the "do nothing" party.

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