Wednesday :: Mar 18, 2009


by paradox

I’m a day late on the Meghan McCain/Laura Ingraham imbroglio and normally would ignore the petty distasteful elements so common to our stunted Republican cousins in this spat, but the more I think about it one aspect continues to get on my nerves.

Ingraham, unsurprisingly, stooped to a new low in regressing to pre-teen years by calling McCain fat. Meghan McCain, admirably, told her to kiss her generously cushy cosseted ass. John McCain, in a nauseating evolution of betrayal, couldn’t even defend his own daughter against this terrible personal public onslaught, but to me the story doesn’t end there.

I don’t buy for a second Meghan McCain is proudly defiant in all this, it’s a nightmare that hurts like hell, even if the public face doesn’t show it. Where the hell are Meghan’s Republican sisters in all this, not just her father? Nowhere, not that I can see. A vicious radio talk show host attacked the daughter of last year’s GOP nominee and not one Republican elected female comes to her defense?

Ruthless queen social vipers personally attack Meghan McCain, so not only her father leaves her out there all alone but her Republican sisters too. I’ve seen this many times before, only 25 years ago in high school, and it is deeply, profoundly dismaying to see the Republican Party empirically display behavior that demonstrates they never even got past vicious personal insults and shunning from teens of the most biting cruelty. Hey, just stand around and watch the show.

Meghan McCain, American politics is often a brutal, ruthless place of low cunning, but it never should have regressed to this level and I’m deeply sorry you’ve had to go through it. Your ass seems fine to me, Lady. If I were 20 years younger, single and politically oblivious I’d be thrilled to make your acquaintance and persona part of my life history.

We should have been better than this. I hope you’re all right.

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