Friday :: Mar 20, 2009

We Have It Easy

by Turkana

President Obama deserves great praise for attempting to reach out to the Iranian people. The Bush cabal didn't believe in the very concept of diplomacy. And our relationship with Iran has been both dishonest and complicated. But we should have no illusions about the Iranian government. As reported by CNN:

A young blogger arrested in Iran for allegedly insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in an Internet posting has died in prison, his attorney said Friday.

Attorney Mohammad Ali Dadkhah said Omid Mir Sayafi, reported to be in his 20s, died in Evin prison, which is located in Tehran and known for its wing that holds political prisoners.

Dadkhah said a fellow inmate, Dr. Hessam Firouzi, called him Wednesday night with the news -- and said he believed Sayafi would have lived if he received proper medical care.

Dadkhah said Firouzi, an imprisoned human-rights activist, said that he carried a semi-conscious Sayafi to a prison doctor but that he didn't receive the care he needed.

"It was Dr. Firouzi's opinion that if he would've received proper medical attention, he would not have died," Dadkhah said.

For doing what we do, every day, a young man is dead.

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