Saturday :: Mar 21, 2009

Stupid Global Climate Change Denial Arguments

by Mary

A particular frustration of mine is how many of the global warming deniers spout ignorant arguments about the scientific evidence. As we see with our own trolls, and one sees all over the comment threads of any credible story on the topic of global warming, the basic ignorance of high school level of science is stunning. For example, in this story about how 3 to 5 million years ago, when the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were higher than today, evidence showed that the Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed, I found the following comment:

Brian M Says: FILTHpig - Typical that you judge without bothering to examine the facts. There are many scientists who cast doubt on the “global warming” theory. There are also many scientists who have come out and revealed that they will not get funding UNLESS they are setting out to prove global warming. In other words, as in many other things, political agendas drive funding. Now, as to why I know global warming has nothing to do with humanity… very simple really. SPend a little time on your own computer. Try a little thing called Google. Look up the total amount of green house gases being added to the atmosphere vs. the amount added by ALL human activity. It’ll take a little time because 99% or so whine about how IT’S THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. But if you persevere you’ll find that the total human contribution is variously estimated at between 5% and .28%. So, a little simple math for FILTHpig, between 95% and 99.72% of greenhouse gases are from NATURAL sources, not manmade ones. With odds like that you can knock humnity back to the stoneage and have absolutely no effect on global warming.

Oh yes, every year, plants and trees release some 120 gigatons of carbon dioxide (while absorbing 121 gigatons), the oceans release some 90 gigatons of carbon (while absorbing 92 gigatons) and human beings are only emitting some 7 gigatons of CO2 a year. Sure does look like the fellow has an amazingly powerful answer, right? Except the oceans and trees are carbon sinks (they take in more than they give out), whereas humans are only a source. And even if the atmosphere is absorbing a miserly 2 gigatons CO2 a year that humans are putting out, tiny amounts of added greenhouse gases are a powerful agent of change in the atmosphere.

Here's a very well done primer (in three parts) on the science about the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and where it comes from.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

For all you global warming deniers, after watching this tutorial, please address the following indisputable facts:

  • CO2 is a greenhouse gas
  • Greenhouse gases trap the sun's rays heating the earth
  • CO2 is rising in the atmosphere as a result of human activity

What part of these facts do you deny?

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