Monday :: Mar 23, 2009

Got a Future, Timmeh?

by paradox

I was always amused or alarmed—depending on mood and issue at hand—during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign how vehemently Obama supporters drew stark contrasts between President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Of course Barrack Obama is not Bill or Hillary Clinton personified, but in a massive wave of disastrous “conservative” politics that engulfed the country for 25 years Bill Clinton was held up as a masterful political god, capable of winning four terms if the law would let him. It’s the only Executive Democratic model empirically shown to run Obama’s lifetime, how could major parts of it not be used again?

Thus we get capitulation on stimulus taxation that was totally unnecessary, culture war stabs with a homophobe at the inauguration, and a new President vowing to protect the Homeland1 for a war with no end in sight while wearing an American flag lapel pin.

Realism is often a very uncomfortable lense to burn on the human cornea, as the weenies whining about Machiavelli have been demonstrating for hundreds of years. I seek truth and progress, they always require pain and effort, and we should all be reminded had Obama been a pacifist in the 2008 election he would have lost. That, too, is implacable realism, and although elements of the Obama administration upset me the proposition that explicitly publishing them somehow renders me an Obama opponent is absurd in the extreme and—frankly—insulting.

Dr. Marshall of Talking Points Memo earnestly asked yesterday why the latest leaked Secretary Timmeh2 grovel to the greedy crooks of Wall Street has occurred at all, since it’s just a re-run of Republican business ass-kissing at taxpayer expense. It’s the Clinton model of the New Democrat, Dr. Marshall, remember the Democratic Leadership Council and “business-friendly” Democrats? President Obama does.

Timothy Geithner is obviously a total creature of Wall Street and the enabling New York division of the Federal Reserve, it’s completely unsurprising his latest rescue foray for the mighty laborers of holy unequal capitalism would prop up the disastrous fools who got us into this hellish mess in the first place. He and his wife just put up their humble abode for $1.62 million. Not to put too fine a point on it, the man is a Wall Street pencilneck, primarily concerned with the welfare of the little people taxpayers as Republican Hank Paulson was.

Readers may have discerned I have a little problem with enabling incompetent crooks with little people money. I would reiterate in the strongest terms this means nothing in my overall support for President Obama (as if there was any remotely viable alternative), believe you me at this freaking point shaking Lucifer’s hand for a solution seems viable, anything that works looks mighty good right now.

Much more qualified Economic minds than mine are unmercifully spearing Timmeh’s latest Goldman Sachs Paulson plan this morning on its immediate efficacy, but I have a question for Secretary Geithner I have yet to see on the logs or business pages: what of the future?

Assuming giving little people money away to greedy fuckups actually leads us out of the maze, what of the environment that allowed the conflagration to occur in the first place? Yes, that terrible liberal word, regulation, anything at all about that as we move forward?

There better be. After betting trillions of dollars of taxpayer money in shadowy deals and then possessing the unbelievable arrogance to give the finger to a freshman Congressman who dared to ask questions, after giving away taxpayer money to AIG so it could prop up foreign banks with yet more greedy fuckups, after furtively leaking the latest financial flop plan Saturday3, the blithe assumption that taxpayers would somehow magically fix all this and yet somehow retain conditions for it to happen again is ludicrous in the extreme.

I’m sure that seems like a fantasy dictum to Secretary Geithner. That’s what you get with enabling, sir, the easier softer way just drags out the inevitable in an unbelievably painful unnecessary evolution. You chose to coddle your friends, and very unfortunately for us all this isn’t the New York Fed, the model is much more difficult—if it all—on the national level, especially after you made sure the bonus money kept flowing.

Where does all this lead us? No one knows, but we do get a whack of weariness and despair to start the week. Had we always kept the little people taxpayer in the forefront of our frame of reference--not millionaire Wall Street Bankers—I’m positive we’d be feeling much better.

[1] President Obama quite rightly observed that the disaster of Guantanamo Bay has been viciously counter-productive, stupidly inflaming hatred against America for zero empirical results. I would suggest, with all due deference and respect, President Obama, that this insulting, arrogant, reeking-of-Nazism term of “Homeland” be as quickly disposed of as that nightmare of Guantanamo, its presence is needlessly provocative too.

Like all offensive idiocies of the Bush term, the galling arrogance motivating the expression is the most disturbing. It’s as if Americans are marauding, possessive plunderers of the planet, endlessly on global forays of petrochemicals and the terrifying (cough) Taliban, only someday to return to the refuge of Equal Rights Homeland America after bombing the shit out of some wedding. The country has moved on from Bush, President Obama, it is most assuredly so, America will do quite well in describing us, just as it always did before the Great Texas Felon abandoned it. I’d chuck the American flag lapel pin too, sir, truth is always better than nationalism.

[2] “Timmeh” is of course borrowed from Jedi Atrios, who first used the nickname derisively to describe the late Tim Russert, a masterful manipulator Machiavelli would have recognized instantly, oh yes. Readers may doubt the foundation of my biting disdain for Secretary Geithner, but Atrios, Doctorate of Economics and Jedi media and political publisher, shares it too, and it was a nasty shock to see “Timmeh,” a blowback from the bad Bush days, be applied to one of our own people.

[3] As Glenzilla has repeatedly noted, the dismaying, grossly sycophantic practice of anonymous “leaking” to American journalists by the Obama administration is just another sigh-inducing element that in yet another instance American politics hasn’t changed for shit.

I actually hold the American journalism corps 95% responsible for the slimy, dishonest, manipulative use of anonymous sources. Our people in the Obama administration are human, the opposition will absolutely employ anonymous sources and the temptation to use them is far, far too great not to be used if the opportunity presents itself.

American journalism corps, for the thousandth time said in a myriad of ways to a scurrilous, furtive profession of incompetence that has rarely been seen in the entire spanning millennia of human history: you suck. The financial system is going down in flames, it could take the country roaring into a Depression, yet y’all will not change and act is if American journalism has nothing—why, nothing at all—to do with the conflagration we’re in. I give up on hope the journalism profession of Maureen Dowd will ever grow up, we just have to deal with it the best (Alleve and Tums) we can.

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