Tuesday :: Mar 24, 2009

Hope For A Sane Drug Policy

by paradox

Thank you, President Obama, for the appointment of R. Gil Kerlikowske to the White House Office of Drug Control Policy. It is well, well time sanity, prevention, and rehabilitation had a role in drug policy instead of the stupid, expensive, regressive tradition of locking people up for drug use.

It remains to be seen the extent this approach will be carried out, but at this point it’s fairly clear the ridiculous and grossly offensive practice of raiding medical marijuana clubs will stop. At least then little people who desperately need help won’t be hounded by “conservative” policies that crush freedom and health.

It’s been a difficult day, it’s hard to see the US Government commit so much for so much failure and greed, even if it works. At least here with drug policy, as in so many other areas directed by President Obama, we are on the right track and making progress.

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