Friday :: Mar 27, 2009

So Nothing

by paradox

One of my people, watching the continual launching of ballistic pitchforks at DC after our parasitic crony capitalist comprades lunged for more bonus money, worried that somehow all the tempest would hurt Obama’s chances for re-election in 2012. I chuckled and started ticking off potential candidates: Jindal, Palin, Dole? Hee. Wait a minute, here’s one: Petraeus. Heh.

They’re good American folks, I’m sure, but as a potential field of presidential candidates I have never seen a more limpid bunch of nobody’s, nothing’s and flops. Their alleged Party flag bearer is none other than Rush Limbaugh, their party ID and projected demographic numbers are starkly awful, their pathetic cultural wedges simply don’t work anymore, and their past performance chucked a Depression and two wars into our grand new century. Thanks, Grand Old Party.

Blogger John Cole is a fascinating study, a man who voted for Bush twice yet finally faced truth and realism to become a very good progressive, shall we say. ^^cough^^ Anyway, Cole knows Republicans in a way I never could and Balloon Juice is essential reading, and the latest screamingly pathetic evolution by the Republicans and their fawning, limp stabs at a “budget” are quite instructive.

[Cole is a very good man, citizen and writer, too.]

I literally had to double-take when I saw this presentation, a budget with no numbers but lots of fantasy flowcharts of the most absurd classifications. Seriously, no high school student would ever turn an analysis like this in, let alone somehow have the nerve to present, but these Republican Senators did. This isn’t just pathetic, it’s starkly nothing, elected Republicans truly have nothing but fantasy and thin air in their heads.

Like most bullies when hit back effectively they immediately flopped right on their faces. These are the stalwart Americans we must compromise with? These are partners in government? Are you kidding? They couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

I hope the lesson is finally starting to sink in: other than an infuriating corporate enabling media and impressively loyal (but aging quickly) voter base the Republicans are nowhere with nothing are a fast road to triviality. Progressives, liberals and Democrats have nothing to fear in any sense from Republicans, when they can grasp the concept of mathematics perhaps compromise might be worthy of consideration with them, but until then, absolutely nothing.


I will be scarce the rest of the day, I’m afraid, I’m still with duty at the food bank garden. The mechanized trencher plan from Home Depot turned out to be a total bust, a monster I could not load in the truck myself, so I’m trenching unbelievable yard after yard by hand with a pick. It’s just pvc trenching but I don’t care, I’m whining about it, keyboard weenies are not conditioned for this stuff.

I once said penance had nothing to do with this. I take it freaking back, hell yes, if there’s any possible benefit from this prison labor bring it on.

Anyway, I should be able to check in over the weekend, but until then please be well, gentle people. Please have the best weekend ever.

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