Thursday :: Apr 2, 2009

Something Significant

by Turkana

The usual suspects are having the usual reactions, but I want to highlight a couple key points.

The BBC credits President Obama for this:

President Obama was said to have played a key role in brokering the agreement on tax havens, resolving differences between France and China.

Not quite saving the summit, but certainly saving a part of it. For which the president deserves our thanks and praise. And the president's right wing critics need be asked if Bush ever helped broker anything that didn't involve killing people and blowing things up. But other issues seem to have been resolved by other people. A lot of people deserve credit for having "saved" this summit.

That mean and nasty liberal Obama critic Paul Krugman:

A turning point? No. But realistically, most big-time international meetings produce nothing; this did something significant.

Significant credit all around.

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