Saturday :: Apr 4, 2009

Horror of Deficits?

by Mary

Ed Kilgore puts Evan Bayh's vote against Obama's budget in the kindest possible light:

Best as I can tell, Bayh's vote was motivated by a sincere horror of deficits and debt, which is so strong that he doesn't mind abandoning his party and indeed, his fellow "centrists" on what was, after all, the most epochal budget vote since at least 1993 and probably since 1981.

But that cannot be true because it was also Evan Bayh who voted for the Republican proposal to cut the estate tax which would explode the deficit and debt for decades. It is not possible for Bayh to be truly concerned about the deficit based on this irresponsible vote. The other name for someone who thinks you can cut taxes for the wealthy in the midst of a massive recession is Republican.

So how long are the "centrists" going to follow this Pied Piper?

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