Sunday :: Apr 5, 2009

A Right Wing Cop Killer

by Deacon Blues

Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

A young, out-of-work right-winger, who flamed out of Marine boot camp and then stockpiled guns and ammunition and sold them online, gunned down three police officers yesterday, possibly because he believed they were infringing upon his rights and wanted to take away his guns. His mother had called the cops to get his dog and him out of her house, after she said the dog pissed in the house.

He was drinking the night before, was likely disconsolate and wanted a cop-assisted suicide. Yet he was wearing a flak jacket and was wielding an AK-47, which allowed him to mow down the first two responding officers, fire repeatedly into one of their dying bodies, step out of the house to mow down the black officer in the street who arrived as a backup, and then hold out for hours without being taken out himself. He survived.

He also thought that the Zionists ruled the media, and was convinced that Obama was going to grab his guns. And why did he think Obama wanted to do this? Perhaps because Fox News, Glenn Beck, the NRA, and the rest of the right wing media have told him so since Obama came into office.

Did I mention that there is no Obama plan to take away his guns?

Now Beck, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and the NRA will say that they are not responsible for what Richard Poplawski did yesterday, weren't responsible for him losing his job, flaming out of boot camp, stockpiling weapons, and being a walking time bomb. They will also say that they are blameless for Poplawski being convinced that Obama was coming after his guns, when in fact they are responsible for spreading false, inciteful information to millions of gullible sheeple. These same propagandists were the first ones to tell liberals that they should watch what they say in the aftermath of 9/11, and were the first to accuse dissenters of being treasonous, but now want to escape any responsibility for their actions themselves.

To them, it's within their First Amendment rights to spread false and provocative drivel to millions through right wing media against an African American president in bad economic times, but not permissible for progressives and dissenters to ask questions and refuse to swallow the party line in a rush to war.

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