Monday :: Apr 6, 2009

Oh Michelle

by paradox

I don’t write about Republicans much, their dishonest perfidy is glaringly self-evident and it’s not as if Democrats are peerless perfect political players. In the most vaguest of ways, through remote rumblings and obscure references from my liberal blog reads, I hear a demonization campaign against Michelle Obama has completely fizzled and failed as spectacularly as anything those poor air-bubble budget political chumps have tried this year.


There are four primary factors in this utter failure, three political/cultural and one personal related to First Lady Michelle Obama herself. The geeky small-ball of inside politics for the first three are completely necessary to explain, even though I think the last would be enough to obliterate any pathetic attempt to bring her down. Readers can decide for themselves which amalgam mix is correct for the demonization face-splat failure of Michelle Obama, but all can agree with the utter futility of it in the end, for First Lady Michelle Obama is a vivid, sparkling national treasure totally immune to any smear or gossip campaign, it’s just impossible to do.

Hillary Clinton as a liberal female partner for President with real legislative duty in health care was something new in American politics, so the goons at Fox News felt no compunction at implementing the new tactic of smearing a First Lady. For many reasons it’s inherently distasteful and cowardly, and the inability of Republicans to change their clanking tactics from the past simply displays yet again how useless they are, Americans want change from an environment where the First Lady isn’t an automatic punching bag, hello?

Dangerously useless: I’m barely qualified to write on this, but it’s obvious to even the most casual observer that with issues like abortion and equal pay Republicans have serious problems with women. Abusing Michelle Obama with racist innuendo or gender stereotypes starkly displays it in such an obvious ugly manner that could never, ever be palatable in the general American political environment of 2009.

Bob Somerby used to call Condi Rice “untouchable,” completely immune to any criticism solely based upon the two variables that she’s black and female. I find this race factor distasteful, but this is America, realism and the truth demands acknowledgement. Somehow attacking and smearing a white female political actor is very different than a black female political actor, it just adds another layer of queasy racism to the already repellent sexism in the filthy mess.

Add in a sexy beauty and worldwide fashion icon status and it really is apparent those Republicans have perception issues, don’t they?

As stated before all these legitimate variables pale to mere wisps of insignificance when examining the last reason a demonization campaign against Michelle Obama could never, ever work, for she has the most enviable and valuable of all human traits: talent of character.

Some people are innately great musicians, others great athletes, the race and the nation immensely benefitting from those who are naturally good characters, they somehow know the best right thing to do and then always go out and do it. Never, ever any disrespect to President Obama, a great man I admire very much, but if one put, say, 47 different possible life scenarios out there Michelle Obama never, ever would emerge from one where she occasionally puffed cigarettes, it just never happens with people like her.

I’ve always had the greatest respect and deepest admiration for such humans, they cherish that talent and then nurture it, develop it, and become humans of sparkling goodness. We’d be lost as a country without them, know it.

President Obama has unabashedly described Michelle as the “the Rock” of his family, a public designation that often goes to the patriarch in our sexist-streaked society. Americans immediately understand the term and know its vast significance, the Rock only goes to those with the very best character, who prove and work every day a total respect for the right thing to do. Of course Michelle Obama would hold that status in her family.

Well over a year ago First Lady Michelle Obama swamped me total respect, completely earning a very, very rare status in my American experience: unquestioning, instant obedience. Yes ma’am. Michelle Obama meant it in that email at term start when she said public service by all who were able must happen, a church garden would do, and I got my chance (is it odd or God?).

St. Jude’s Victory Food Bank vegetable garden completes construction today, ma’am. 1,000 square feet in a 11 12-inch treated lumber boxes, 30 yards of soil, timed soaker lines for every box, the valves go in this afternoon to finally finish. Seeds for our people go in Easter Sunday. Man I envy the beehives at White House garden, ma’am. Awesome.

This is a completely common reaction to Michelle Obama, of course I’m hardly unique in that. She is an inspiring, vividly beautiful national treasure of the very best human character among us, nothing has or ever will bring her down.

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