Tuesday :: Apr 7, 2009

Keep Demanding More

by paradox

For whatever discomforts the American liberal mind currently grinds through in a modern frame of reference—health care, sexism, war, food production, reproductive rights—at least there is the blessed knowledge that our great “conservative” era of governance abuse is finally, truly over. Historians mark the start at either passage of Prop 13 in California or the election of Reagan, and at last spectacularly flaming out with the election of President Obama.


As we all know a great sigh of we made it mental relief has not exactly swamped the American psyche since the election. The volcanic mess Bush and the Republicans made is swamping the 2009 agenda with creeping deadly lava on almost every policy encampment, and a lot of damage will be viciously inflicted upon our people before it’s over.

Some of the Obama policy stances I disagree with—Afghanistan, Wall Street enabling, torture obfuscation—but on the whole I remain very supportive of President Obama. There is real tension and conflict in deciding how critical and in what style to be, readers may not know it but I am a very loyal Democrat, and there has to be a point where one is too critical, I have no idea where that tipping point is but it’s there. I never mindlessly criticize major Obama initiatives, and there is a real duty to support the Party and President. I do my part—bitching all the way, perhaps—but I do it.

That’s fine, but the fact still remains our government was abused and subverted for 30 years by voraciously greedy and violent crooks, and the tragic consequences are everywhere that directly affect everyone every single day. Daily regression can be vividly demonstrated with 2 recent stories continually swirling in our present political consciousness, corporate abusers and pot smokers.

That violin played by crooked Stanford as he whines about taking his shoes off on public flying is so story-licious, yeah, but the point is that TSA flying policy is still mired in an infuriatingly stupid, boot-heel shampoo-snatching regressive mode from those “conservatives.” Conveniently stupid inflammatory policy, no one can really defend it, but the point—again—was never the offensive stupidity of threats from shoes, it was the degrading, humiliating act of forcing citizens to partially disrobe for no reason other than to be afraid, to be degraded, and finally to obey, obey above all in the gross abuse and contempt.

Speaking of infuriating policy stupidity no one can defend, the rising tide of cannabis stories that swelled out of nowhere has been fun to watch and read. As usual, the stupidity and abuse obscure grave threats to the Republic and Democracy, this time the utmost basic element of freedom. The Republic never has and never will have the right to dictate to citizens what they can choose with their bodies, and if we accept the stupid abuse here the State can easily apply it elsewhere, abuse of freedom feeds on itself.

For the record, I’m in my 65th month of a severe vomiting syndrome with no treatment or cure. If one chooses to watch me puke for 2 days with nothing but a sore throat and ten pounds lost to show for it yet still tut-tut-tut about my purely personal life well, it’s an allegedly free country, but after the Reagan Revolution we’ve lost the most basic American right to be left alone, to get…out…of…my…life with your abusive blinkered stupidity and arrogance.

Yet the loyalty issue is always there with Obama as President and the Democratic brand slowly but surely taking over every policy facet of government. What is the best solution as a citizen and a Democrat moving forward?

Keep demanding more. 30 years of abuse and regression has horribly dimmed our expectations and acceptance levels, citizens are humiliated every time they fly and disgustingly persecuted for smoking pot but oh well, that’s just the way it is. That’s our America.

I don’t think so. President Obama is not responsible for the incredible mess he inherited, nor the idiotic flying and pot smoking policies of the Land of the Free, but that will never excuse their acceptance, how could it?

We could be so much better than this, so easily. Meek silence for outrageous abusive stupidity has never been a path to change in the course of history, and until we demand more and better government we’ll be forever stuck with the regression of Reagan and Bush, no matter who is president.

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