Sunday :: Apr 12, 2009

Keep To The Timeline

by Deacon Blues

Amidst a recent regrettable uptick in American casualties in Iraq, General Ray Odierno today signaled that the December 2011 timeline for the withdrawal of all American combat forces from the country was still intact. His statement comes at a time when sectarian violence is rising again, as Sunnis fight with Shiites over broken promises by the central government to integrate the Sons of Iraq into the nation’s security forces.

As usual, there will be those on the right who will say that Obama’s promise to bring troops home caused this new round of killings and violence, but such comments reflect the usual conservative lies and historical revisionism. To argue that an American withdrawal will lead to the disintegration of Iraq also points out the underlying fallacy of this war from Day One: why should Americans die in an Iraqi civil war? How do the wingers plan to pay for an indeterminate American occupation to keep the Iraqis from killing each other while Al Qaeda still runs free thanks to Bush?

Obama needs to be resolute in finding an end to the Iraq war that reflects American national interests, much the same way that President Eisenhower went against his own party to end the Korean War. The increased violence in Iraq of late is not from Al Qaeda. If Nouri al-Maliki reneges on his promises to integrate Sunni and Kurd fighters into the national security services, there is no reason why American men and women should keep dying to maintain a peace not wanted by the Iraqi leadership.

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