Tuesday :: Apr 14, 2009

Tuesday Open Thread

by Deacon Blues

Here are various items to start your Tuesday:

Obama does the right thing by ending the GOP ban on family travel and cash transfers to Cuba, ending a tired policy that achieved nothing in 50 years. Of course, the decision also allows American telecom companies to set up shop in Cuba as well.

The Minnesota panel of judges rules in Al Franken’s favor, forcing a desperate Norm Coleman to file an appeal to the state Supreme Court, where he hopes a campaign donor will help him.

Fearing government regulation and oversight, Goldman Sachs is scurrying to pay back its TARP funds early. Sorry assholes, just because you got Larry Summers and Bob Rubin to carry water for you inside the White House, I’m not sure Congress will be letting you off the hook so easily.

After this blog asked aloud over the weekend why the Obama administration doesn’t assign a battle group to the waters off East Africa to drive the pirates to hell, the administration signals it may do just that. And after Newt Gingrich tagged Obama for looking weak over the weekend, he walks it backward Monday.

72% of Americans disagree with Dick Cheney and don’t think we are less safe with Obama as president.

On the side of disappointment, the “legal left” has cooled towards Obama, for defending Bush policies.

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