Saturday :: Apr 18, 2009

Dazed & Confused

by paradox

News timing and blog duty necessitate a Letter From California this morning’n normally I’d promptly spit one out no problem, but in my ninth day without a cigarette it’s time to bluntly state an obvious fact: my fucking mind is blown. I constantly mis-place things, lose objects, then drive to the gym, only to end up at the grocery store. I have zero, I mean zero tolerance for any inanity or nagging element of life, I’m spitting mad at any negative instantly, it gets old.

Duty is duty, right, and I’ve begged off the last two days, which is more intolerable than not smoking. I’ll get to it in a minute.

I have been very surprised at all the support and happiness my giving the tobacco companies the shiv has caused, who the hell knew people cared? For those genuinely interested I am now completely out of the Window of Fortitude, grit and stubbornness can get one just this far but if that’s all you’ve got the Nicotine Wasteland of Patience is going to wear…you…down, starting now, baby, and thank baby Jesus I’m not in that spot, it’s my time, I’m done, I’m just waiting it out and hoping my brain eventually comes back.

Even if I had one the god damn California Legislature would have blown it to bits anyway with their latest shenanigans and reeking, childish specialness of their upcoming special election. Oh yeah you’re special, assholes, you’ve made us the laughingstock of the Northern Hemisphere and blown up the Republic so thoroughly trying to cogently, professionally deal with it would have blown my mind as efficiently as it is now. Duty irrevocably slams me forward, but this is going to be ugly.

To recap, after eight months of total failure to pass a budget (because the filthy GOP held the Republic hostage with their taxation insanity) the Legislature and Governor gave up, “passing” a budget that violated the constitution and required our so-special election.

Hello? This isn’t a budget or a solution. Going to voters isn’t an option to pass a budget, it’s that simple, but somehow those Sacramento charlatans rationalized themselves into pretzels to convince themselves it was. Had I god-like approval powers of course I would have slapped this instantly back at those fools, return to your futile unending infuriating stubbornness, sure, but don’t insult the people of California like this.

The Party boorishly tired to whip some pathetic Orwellian-like voodoo numbers in a recent letter to get voters to approve the pathetic dangerous mess. The good folks at Calitics are saying to vote it all down, basically on the same premise as mine, none of this is a solution. If that blows up the rationalizations of our weenie Legislature and forces them to start over well what a goddamn shock, the people of California won’t accept evasion and immaturity as our governing principles. Go figure.

Looking at it all from a few steps back only really produces the basic effects of nicotine withdrawal, one gets dazed and confused at the endless childish inanity of it all. About this time thoughts start to wander to Oregon, Washington or Florida, it’s been said functioning government exists in those places.

So there we have it, California lurching into Spring even more scatterbrained and wandering than yours truly. There is no end or solution in sight, while at least I’ve only got about 20-30 days left before I’m basically all right. I think. California could only get that prognosis by eliminating the insane 2/3 supermajority requirement to raise taxes and never, ever electing a Republican as Governor again. I suppose I’ll show up for this upcoming farce and reject it all, knowing that real votes to eliminate the supermajority and Republicans are the only hope for California ever being the great Republic it once was.

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