Wednesday :: Apr 22, 2009

Just Wait It Out

by paradox

John Cole of Balloon Juice obliquely glanced off my primary question about the current torture uproar yesterday by asking how does he (Cheney) get away with it? , referring to the incredible ability of the Evil One to totally blatantly lie yet always skate free. My question of the day was why now? after reading the phrase “we already knew this, but…” for the 32nd time as some new incendiary detail fed the fresh uproar.

Yes indeed, in its basic form all of the knowledge and evidence of war crimes revealed in the latest memos of felony have been known for quite some time, it’s even the primary rationale for Obama releasing them, since there really was nothing new. Why the uproar now, why the push to impeach and convict after all these years of nothing?

Patriots and citizens of morals and decency see a Democratic President and Congress and quite naturally see a window of opportunity for truth and justice, since of course the Bush felons would never prosecute themselves. Much to most any basic citizen’s dismay President Obama obviously sees no window at all, let alone any apparent will in heaving it open. President Obama is lackluster for the same reason Darth Cheney always gets always with any lie, and why nothing has been done about these vast horrible crimes for years.

The American “journalism” corps is captured to corporate interests and sees no primary whatsoever in serving the truth or the little people, and when it serves them they enable those in power with whatever they wish to do, even war crimes after hundreds of thousands of dead for nothing but more lies.

The American television networks only yesterday completely ignored the winning of a Pulitzer to a guy who totally demonstrated TV “military analysts” used before the Iraq war were paid Defense industry employees. Who among is really so obtuse as to state the American journalism corps are not captured corporate stenographers after that little trick? Well?

For those of us long opposed to the politics of war, fear and greed captured American journalism is a an old answer too, nothing new there either. Still, it always bears repeating: that’s why Darth Cheney lies like a carpet every time he speaks, why nothing has been done about obvious screaming crimes for years, why no war crimes prosecutions will likely happen, and also why Obama and Democrats are so skittish in general, if the “journalism” corps doesn’t endorse it or (god forbid) goes after you the issue is dead or you’re a goner, maybe both, look what they did to Clinton.

What’s one of the main tricks of this power? The ability of television and dead tree text to blot out memory and history. Dick Cheney lies every time he appears on TV, yet you’ll never, ever hear a television “journalist” state that plain simple fact in easy stark terms, the truth can only be found in tiny media corners like Balloon Juice. Television especially is riveted into the present, history takes time and patience and really fucks with the primary corporate mission, so it just doesn’t exist.

Corporate journalism also relentlessly drives the public agenda as much as it can, but it’s power isn’t as absolute as Democrats seemingly act like it is, as was shown in the remarkable Plame case. Right when Fitzgerald was announced all the Bush officials and many journalist said the case would go nowhere, these journalist cases never ended up in a conviction.

But the media and Cheney didn’t count on the brilliant tenacity of prosecutor Fitzgerald, who really did get a conviction (even if the jury kept asking where the hell was Rove and Cheney in the mug shots). Even so that little history fact that Bush promised to fire who was eventually responsible (Cheney) was rarely mentioned on TV, nor the even starker fact that in any other Democracy a VP with a felon Chief of Staff resigns with on the spot instantly, does Democracy have any standards at all? Never mind, it’s all good and all those Republicans on Meet the Press have all the shiny credibility they always did.

What treason and war and torture and economic collapse? Did that truly happen? Oh shut up, get all those Republicans on Sunday TV every week!

Felons and their enablers know they can be patient with their crimes, all they have to do is wait out all the questions for a few weeks and it will all fade away, the journalists want it to. Is that what will happen yet again this time? Probably. No one knows, of course, but the history here doesn’t look good.

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