Thursday :: Apr 23, 2009

California Spring Roses

by paradox

There are mere flowers upon this earth and there roses, and although many assign them the same slot I never do. I got hooked on them when I bought this house, I like working outside and would rather grow food, but rows of corn in the front don’t exactly enhance property values, so roses will have to do.

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Needless to say I don’t mind, no other flower comes close to classic beauty, fragrance and romantic allure. I always have fresh roses on the dinner table and nightstand, but enjoy giving them away as much as having them, it’s still remarkable to me how happy people get with a vase of home roses that just shows up. Some of these are from the legacy St. Jude Food Bank rose garden, and I made sure a vase got left for the office.

No it’s not politics but other blogs do cats and trolley porn and ferrets, so The Left Coaster wanders with roses every Spring. That’s the blogs.

I have to cook and clean’n shop plus an appointment, so I am out for the day. Please stay well, gentle people, I’ll be on the political prowl tomorrow.
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