Sunday :: Apr 26, 2009

No Commission for Torture, Please

by paradox

Even there ever is to be official activity on the matter of torture felonies during the Bush administration (I’ll believe it when I see it, I certainly don’t oppose it, that’s all) I dearly hope a do-nothing commission isn’t the outcome.

Did the 9/11 commission really uncover all the truth? Was anyone held accountable for the all the heinous derelictions of duty? Simply asking the questions demonstrates gross failure in our examination of the matter.

Even if a torture commission establishes beyond all doubt the truth of what happened what is the mechanism for responsibility and accountability? Where? Oh yes, how DC conveniently nowhere.

As my miniscule cadre of readers know I’ve been disgusted and faithless with our judicial system since Bush vs. Gore. Can Attorney General Holder truly lead us out of the judicial wilderness by appointing some superwoman of a special prosecutor who has the massive responsibility and challenge of restoring faith and honor to United States jurisprudence?

I hope so, of course. I would like to believe in American justice’n the power of the truth when it comes to courthouses and lawyers, many of whom are still my heroes. A special prosecutor could do that, a commission never could. No way.

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