Friday :: May 1, 2009

GOP Headed for Extinction?

by paradox

If one wants to be wrong, so the saying goes, simply predict the future, but at least Robert Farley of Lawyers Guns & Money and I are rock-solid on one immutable fact of our universe: Barack Obama will win the 2012 presidential election. Goposaur_xlg
The Republicans have no one to run and don’t have a hope in hell. The GOP prospects for midterm 2010 look bleak at best with easily another 2 seats lost in the Senate, perhaps only a few pickups in the House.

All the while Rush starts a vicious purity circular firing squad, Specter defects, the Party chair is weekly out of control, they used to be proud killers of pandemic funds, and are currently paying a vicious polling price for being so stupidly obstructionist on reviving the economy. Desperate, the GOP is now undergoing some flatulent “re-branding” effort, but these guys are as good at marketing as they are at politics, obviously.

Martin Longman at Booman Tribune was dead-on correct yesterday, all the cosmetic posturing in the world will never work as long as the GOP tenaciously holds on to its paramount paradigm government is the problem. Why do they purport proficiency in running it, then? Who the hell else is going to perform the absolutely necessary tasks that—hello?—only government can do? Adios for 2010 and 2012, GOP, lordy I’ve never seen so much political pathetic nothing.

It’s so bad, in fact, that the new GOP logo and the utter disasters that arrive week after week prompted Farley to an extremely interesting question: are we watching the death of the Republican Party?

The GOP is wiped out with young voters and those of color, they’ve blown up their future and insist becoming more “conservative” will fix it. The only thing they have going for them is that odious talking head box of yapping corporate television, so willing to do its Disney master’s bidding, but that’s it, they have no candidates, no brand, no answers, no solutions and certainly no ideas.

Balz of the Washington Post, somehow, thinks gubernatorial races will “incubate” Republican new ideas. Oh yeah. Farley writes that at some point “the establishment will take over the asylum,” vague labels that offer zero specifics, but still conveys the general message that somehow, someway, the GOP will get out of this circle drain and become a viable political party again.

It really means nothing to me on many levels, I’m only interested in seeing as many Republicans lose as possible unto the end of time. After Bush vs. Gore, the Iraq war, torture, climate change denial, and Katrina it’s obvious the felons sneer at the rule of law, democracy, gender equality, the bill of rights and most of all anyone who dares to disagree with them, oh the persecution the obnoxious dears have to undergo for being such jerks.

On one very remote level it’s possible a viable, vibrant Republican Party would prevent complacency and stasis for Democrats. We’ll take that risk, thank you very much.

It is possible the GOP is undergoing a streak of particularly bad luck, it’s plausible, but they set themselves up for these possible results (pandemic), it’s still their doing.

No one has yet to proclaim Republicans an extinct as the dinosaurs Party yet, but it’s hard not to expect it after this year, the GOP better turn it around and start offering some solutions or we really watch them wither and die, they know nothing but self-destruction now.

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