Tuesday :: May 5, 2009

Specter Gets Zip

by Deacon Blues

A week after indicating to President Obama that he would be a good Democrat in supporting his agenda, and then going back on that word over the weekend by stating he promised nothing, Arlen Specter got what he deserves late today when the Senate Democratic caucus denied him seniority on any of his committee assignments.

In other words, Specter has to earn his way into the caucus between now and 2011 before he can reclaim a senior spot on any committee, especially Judiciary. This is the way it should be, for a political opportunist who so far has done everything he can to walk away from the agenda of his newfound party. Let's hope that Joe Sestak runs a well-financed primary campaign against Specter and whips his ass. And if President Obama asks Democrats to back away and give Specter a free ride, then f*ck him as well.

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