Monday :: May 18, 2009

As California Goes…

by paradox

As California goes, so goes the country is a very common refrain for all sorts of societal trends, but Americans better hope California government breakdown isn’t a 21st century bellwether for civic life in the United States, because if it is we are in for some really terrible times.

For those who don’t know, California is currently held hostage by a fanatic minority Republican party, total political losers on many metrics yet still locking with frantic jaws upon the stupid and destructive super-majority rule to pass a budget. California is way broke, we have to raise taxes, the Republicans refuse to do it and the place is starting to shut down.

Put off for a decade, the official start for destruction will likely start tomorrow after the “special” budget election results come in. So clownish it’s still painful to write, the California legislature could not, in any way, pass a 2010 budget without raising taxes, so it raided constitutionally protected revenue streams. 1 That’s what the election—tomorrow, holy Jesus—is for, to give the Legislature permission to grab the money.

This is a civic horror show, the Legislature is going to the people for an answer, but at best only 20% will participate in the election, it just doesn’t work on any level. Arnie and the Republicans didn’t have the balls to shut the state down last summer, but we’ll see if they can really do it this year, because if this horrible budget fiasco is barfed by California voters, a highly probably event, the Republicans will not relent and $20 billion worth of State government spending will be ruthlessly chopped this summer, tragic consequences be damned.

For the first time in my life I am genuinely politically confused. It would be better to give the finger to this appalling rationalization of a budget and make the idiots do their jobs, but the issue is they simply can’t. Assuming I can find my new polling place tomorrow (consistency is good for participation, hello?) I have to choose two totally forms of unpalatable civic shit, whatever I do ensures failure, and I still haven’t made up my mind on how to vote.

Confusion hasn’t stayed my hand about writing this before, depression avoidance has. It wasn’t that long ago California was one of the most vibrant and productive Republics the world has ever seen, yet now we are smashed and humiliated, all from those freaktoid ranting idiot Republicans, so positive totally necessary government is the base issue they’re willing to blow up our society to prove how stupid and stubborn they are.

Of course the issue is never framed so precisely correct as that in our stupefying corporate commercial political dialogue, another reason I haven’t written about it, I do get extremely weary about how the Democratic Party cannot get it together on coherent, branded, consistent political messaging. The plain truth of Republican civic kidnapping and destruction is perhaps truly known by 20% of the State’s populace, a reflection of utter Democratic Party failure.

There are many days why I truly wonder I expose my window of life to this absurd constant crushing falling wall of negativity and failure we call American politics and this is yet again another. No one’s life deserves this disgusting immaturity and cowardice, and if wasn’t for the future of our children I’d never expose myself to this filth again.

Passing a budget and marketing the truth isn’t hard, but it is for my time in the Republic and I get to watch all the destruction and suffering for failure to do so. So do the rest of the good citizens here, I’d be surprised at a 15% participation rate tomorrow, most Californians won’t even give this disgusting failure the dignity of an answer, any answer at all. I don’t blame them.

So now I am off to another tulip traipse on the planet, I do so love all these mornings of gross Republican failure and obsequious Democratic enabling and evasion. I’ll keep y’all abreast of whatever pathetic results are squeezed out in our civic bowel movement tomorrow, but they’ll always stink and reek, there isn’t any other possible outcome.

[1] The budget failure of 2009 did, in fact, raise taxes, in the most regressive manner possible, by yanking up the sales tax. In a modern twist of disgust our marauding Republican cousins hate taxes, but if absolutely forced to will use them in a way to screw as many little people as possible, it’s the Corporate Way.

Even this ridiculous genuflect to reality (California’s fiscal issues are easily solved by junking Prop 13 date and corporate disparities, along with progressively adjusting the income tax) completely freaked out the ranting Southern California Republican base, who promptly hanged Schwarzenegger in effigy (no, I’m not kidding) and made sure all of last summer’s Party leadership was immediately fired.

There’s no reasoning with these freaked out extreme Republicans, they don’t believe in reality or government. As long as we give them power with a supermajority requirement we’re doomed. These are not the Republicans of the 20th century, they really will take us all down. Enjoying it all the way, too.

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