Monday :: May 18, 2009

CIA Takes Dive for Cheney

by Mary

Dick Cheney has been very vocal about how important using harsh interrogation methods water torture on the worst of the captured terrorists was because it saved lives. In fact, he says that these methods were so critical to preserving the safety of the country that Obama has endangered the country because he has declared that Cheney's favored methods would not be used under his watch.

But there is a line that Cheney has decided that it is dangerous to cross. Namely: was waterboarding used to extract information about an Iraq-al Qaeda connection - a purely political end to justify an attack on Iraq? As TPM reported, Liz Cheney wavered when she was explicitly asked whether waterboarding was used to get information about this connection. Her answer was that the program was important in saving American lives, but for this particular question, it was up to the CIA to implement it.

And the Vice President would not substitute his own judgment for the professional judgment of the CIA.

Of course not. The VP never, ever, pressured the CIA to give him the "raw" intelligence reports and never, ever, told them to go back and try again if he didn't think they hadn't gotten the answer he expected.

Cheney has, indeed, said these detainees had provided a credible link, but now it turns out, they did this without the use of waterboarding according to an anonymous intelligence agent.

Questions were asked about Iraq, but the notion that waterboarding was used to extract from either an admission that Iraq and al-Qaeda had a relationship is false, period.

So the next questions would be, when did the detainees "volunteer" this information? Before or after they were waterboarded numerous times? Finally, did the anonymous intelligence agent come up with this new tidbit by himself or was he "encouraged" to do so by Dead-eye Cheney who had decided again that the CIA should take responsibility for his decisions?

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