Sunday :: May 24, 2009

Timing of CIA Briefings

by Mary

Marcy has a great takedown of the latest WaPo attempt to manufacture controversy by ignoring facts about what is actually known about the briefings. Reading it, I was struck by something else in this piece and what that says about an amnesiac and credulous press.

How should we take these quotes concerning the timing of those briefings in which the CIA supposedly said that they told Nancy Pelosi and the "Gang of Four" about the use of EIT on detainees?

Two officials present during the briefings in 2002 said the talks were overshadowed by fears of more terrorist attacks. "It was wartime crisis mode, and all the chatter at the time was about a 'second wave,'" said one congressional official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the briefings were classified. "The next attack was supposed to be even bigger, and everyone was taking it very seriously."

Oh yeah, Washington was full of talk about imminent terrorist attacks in September 2002. What was driving the chatter about terrorist attacks on the horizon? Could it have been a tiny little war for which the Bush administration wanted authorization which required feeding the Congress all kinds of propaganda such as Saddam Hussein had unmanned drones that could take out Washington?

And then there's the comment about these briefings weren't considered "time sensitive."

Intelligence officials did not consider the briefing "time sensitive" but simply an effort to bring the lawmakers up to speed on what was labeled a "highly sensitive collection activity," according to former intelligence officials. Shelby and Graham would not be briefed for another 23 days.

The reason they needed to brief Congress in September was because they had to lend credibility to their forced march to War. Otherwise, the Bush administration didn't think they had any obligation to keep Congress informed about they were doing.

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