Friday :: Jun 5, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Dr. Krugman's main advice today: "Don't Trust the Insurance Companies."

Then he emphasized why the public option is so important: it will "keep the insurance companies honest."

And why would we need a hammer over the insurance companies? Because they have demonstratively failed to enact the most basic of reforms. Back in the bad old days when Bill Kristol was fighting Clinton's healthcare approach, even Kristol recommended some reforms which he knew would help. Let's just say the companies had a few years to implement his suggestions. Here's Dr. Krugman:

The insurance industry’s idea of a cutting-edge, cost-saving reform is to do what William Kristol — William Kristol! — thought it should have done 15 years ago.

How could the industry spend 15 years failing to make even the most obvious reforms?

And Krugman says that Congress would be irresponsible to let the insurance industry once again shape the bill without a public option.

Today, Dr. Krugman applauds President Obama's letter where he strongly supports a public option as it is the essential key for keeping those companies honest.

And you too can help by adding your experience to nyceve's diary requesting your story which she will take before Congress. Make sure Congress knows they have a responsibility to serve us and not just the insurance companies.

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