Wednesday :: Jun 10, 2009

An Obama Lever

by paradox

It will irrevocably brand me as a tool of Lucifer at Daily Kos but I will insist upon complaining about Obama mistakes and warning about obvious developing traps and weaknesses in Obama and Democratic Party policy attempts. Few humans are as irritating as the adoring, sycophantic politics police of obnoxious silence and conformity, of course Obama will make mistakes and need corrective action. Of course getting it out in the open is the start to solving the issue; look upon the smoldering, cratered wreck of the Republican Party as a warning to those who cannot accept uncomfortable truths.

President Obama’s greatest weakness is his insistence never, ever to be branded as weak or ineffective in national defense or terrorism. President Obama can be easily manipulated pushing defense or terrorism politics buttons.

I vividly remember reading an admiring Glenzilla during the 2008 campaign how Obama adroitly turned aside the juvenile, obnoxious political stab he didn’t wear an American flag lapel pin. Yet just a few months into his presidency Obama was wearing a flag lapel pin, calling the United States the galling “Homeland” as he outlined plans to whup Afghanistan ass with American bombs by killing a lot of civilians.

In another press conference he didn’t like the word “enchanted” to describe the awesome experience, but he said it derived from seeing the service of armed forces personnel service close-up. Please, the military veneration wasn’t an accident, it was planted.

The Defense budget—while the rest of the economy crumbles, children are hungry on the streets as the country falls apart—gets and incredulous increase of 5%. Americans (Democrats especially) seem insistent on implacably being in denial over the insane level of American military spending, which has profoundly dangerous effects across the entire American policy spectrum.

I, like 80% of Americans, fervently support President Obama’s current Iraq policy, the fact simply remains the United States could leave at least 12 months earlier than planned. Appalling killing war for lies and torture still goes on this very moment, the coffins still flow into Andrews with an incredulous scope of grief and mourning. We could have and should have gotten the hell out of there a lot quicker, the fact starkly remains as the wars grind on, change isn’t here yet.

Again, patience isn’t acceptable in a war lies and torture are used to maim and take human life while horribly despoiling the reputation of my country, the United States of America. We have to keep earning our respect back, it isn’t granted unto perpetuity just because we had a sane outcome to Election 2008.

President Obama is tragically all alone politically on Defense, it still seems very hard to believe how Senate Democrats turned and ran over the latest Republican hissy fit of Guantanamo prisoners being on Homeland Soil. Being alone is very bad in politics, Obama knows it, Emmanuel and Axelrod know it, and by God and baby Jesus the Republicans and media know it like jackals see dinner in a crippled wildebeest fawn.

Related to that disgusting evolution was the laughable Obama birth of brand new jurisprudence, indefinite detainment without charge. Our dear over-confident President didn’t show he was strong against terrorists, only that he would compromise anything to any absurd lengths to make sure it seemed he was.

Something has gone wrong in the Obama plan to get rid of the odious policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It’s an easy call for everyone, it seems, except the leadership of the military and Obama is obviously stalling. There could be ten different reasons precisely why, the fact remains Obama just can’t do it.

I, like all liberals, find this military veneration and diligence to every imaginable need appalling. Like hell it’s change I can believe in, yet the Obama administration obviously will do everything in its power not to have the weenie liberal Democrat on Defense label stick.

Is it worth it as a price for staying in Executive power? It isn’t to me, but it apparently is to most of the rest the Democratic Party.

That’s another story, what’s important for liberals, Democrats and progressives to know is that Obama will do anything not to be labeled weak on defense or terrorism. Everyone knows it, it’s a massive weakness and violation of many of our core values, and using Defense and terrorism tactics is the easiest way to manipulate him.

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