Wednesday :: Jun 10, 2009

The Holocaust Museum

by Turkana


At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, we should note that since September 11, 2001, more innocent American citizens have been killed by anti-abortion activists and other fringe right terrorists than by al Qaeda.


The murder of Dr. Tiller. The murder of people because of liberal values. The hate speech em(a)nating from the campaign rallies of McCain and Palin. A friggin' DHS report about the rise of right wing terrorism. The Pittsburgh cop murderer who was an anti-government white supremacist that thought his guns were going to be taken away. The Oklahoma City bombing. Michelle Malkin posing with Obama/swastika bumper stickers. Swastikas and hate speech on Obama/Biden lawn signs. A man recently arrested for planning an attempt on Obama's life. John Boner (I know) saying that Obama wants to import terrorists.

What the fuck?

Where is law enforcement here? There is no "oops, I was just kidding" anymore. There is no "I wasn't technically calling for actual violence". There's something pretty damn close to a war going on right inside this very country and has for quite some time, and it ain't going to go away.


It's pretty clear that the right wing has lost whatever restraint it had and that the ongoing paroxysms of violent, extreme rhetoric are having their effect. The crocodile tears of the anti-abortion forces after the Tiller assassination notwithstanding, it's also pretty clear that they know this violence is effective. If you want to paralyze a society and force people to capitulate out of fear of random violence, nothing beats terrorism.

And once the right gets everybody looking over their shoulders, they'll misdirect the citizenry and run to the rescue with calls for "law and order."

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