Thursday :: Jun 18, 2009

Watching and Waiting

by paradox

How are you, Joseph? The Blogfather asked me last night. Often wondering how Steve ever blogged daily for five years, feeling guilty for not serving well myself and eternally grateful to Turkana for stepping in so well. Again.

Waiting impatiently for the final word to come in for the little people of California with our budget and America with health care. I truly doubt that when it really comes down to it Republicans and Schwarzenegger will never inflict $24 billion’s worth of mayhem1 on our children and most hurting people, so one distastefully tries to wait through the ridiculous ploy and posturing news from Sacramento to finally get news on whatever damage is going to happen. The lack of Democratic Party leadership is always sigh-inducing, Jesus, it’s a sorry annual spectacle that frays me.

The final word for whatever comes out of Congress for health care is at least 10 days away, and it’s going to be a long, long wait if the posts from Hullabaloo and Firedoglake keep up from last night, fury and seething rage at the many levels of political failure clanking out of Congress yet again. Nothing is final yet, I’ll wait to flip out if we lose public option, but it was obvious years ago the fight in Congress for health care would require the very best we had, so we lost by giving up single payer last year. Why can’t political people learn giving up before starting almost always means losing everything?

Ezra Klein was in Texas last year and said single payer would never get past Baucus and the Senate. So fucking what? Give it up for public option then. Like I say nothing is final yet but the monied interests on the Hill are extremely strong, God help us if even public option doesn’t make it. I hope I’m wrong and I feel too pickled with negativity to say much, but I don’t feel good about health care right now.

I still have personal stuff that has me stuck and confused. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not just bullet points in an issue list I don’t agree with, killing children for nothing easily gets me down and snappy.

So I still try to shut up, it’s a wise life strategy for most of us on the planet, why I foolishly continue to publicly yap is often beyond me.

When it really comes down to it I blog to defend the little people of California and the United States. I want full employment with much better wages in a clean sustainable environment that includes superb public education and health care with a functional judicial system. For starters, is that too much to ask? Of course not. I think I can do that fairly well in the right conditions.

Those still aren’t here yet, I’m depressed and snappish’n combative. I doubt I can be helpful in this particular tiny era of political time, I’m just not in a good space. Hopefully soon I can feel better and be positive I’m doing the right thing, I’m not there yet.

That’s how I am. Please be well and have the best day ever, Left Coasters, may Democracy be with us.

[1] Usually $24 billion in social cuts is portrayed though human or political lenses, but the fact remains it’s extremely Hooverish in its economic impact, taking $24 billion out of the economy while the Feds frantically try to inject cash is really a stupid economic thing to do. I’ve only seen this element briefly discussed on two blogs, Calitics and Eschaton.

Never make the error that $24 billion is empirically the damage economically to be done, that’s only a tiny start to the horror show, for the real hundreds of billions to be lost—there’s never a way to tell with psychological factors—will occur when the confidence and good will for the future of California is shattered.

If the Hooverites win we’ll close almost all of our parks. Why live in—or invest in or try to market—a sorry-assed pathetic society that can’t even have public parks? Just the public park element has profound social-economic implications, and there are many more in the proposed cuts. Schwarzenegger and the rest of those lunatic Republicans don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about or the damage they could really inflict to California.

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