Friday :: Jun 19, 2009

We Still Rule

by paradox

I had to circle back to the most excellent Amanda Marcotte this morning to confirm that her incredulity to the latest episode of Republican/Conservative bullying was in the facts of the story, not that the bullying was even still occurring at all.

Marcotte is quite correct that this absurd right-wing hissy fit over David Letterman’s clumsy Palin daughter joke is nothing more than plain, crude bullying. The ridiculous pretense of outrage is nothing but a lie, of course, the mission is to push someone around and take them down.

Weary liberals and Democrats are very used to it, the latest exasperating episode was just a few weeks ago when Republicans decided Guantanamo prisoners locked up in the Homeland (ugh) would somehow magically roam skyline and suburb as murdering virginity-taking mayhem-inducing gods of hell. Incredibly Senate Democrats turned and ran, just as they have since 2000, humiliating themselves, their constituents and their President.

So used to this degrading morale-killing abdication, in fact, that “hissy fit” is well-known term of the blogosphere, minted by the incomparable Digby. Hissy fits are always meant to bully someone and they’re always ridiculous and as stupid as the pretenses that Amanda found yesterday. Dismayingly the hissy fits and bullying continues to happen—and work, for Chrissakes.

How on Earth could this be? Republicans and conservatives have had the unholy hell beat out of them in the last two national elections. All their precious credos and litany of stupid ideas for human governance were given a very long chance of eight years to work and they completely blew the place up in total smashing failure. They’re rightly despised for it, they have nothing with nobody to say it. Yet seemingly on a dime they get ceaselessly outraged over pure fabrications and humiliate whomever their current target is.

The first great enabler to this endless parade of dismay is our Liberal Media, they themselves bullied and pushed around since Nixon, even though they’re obvious corporate propaganda critters who snivel instantly for Republicans and always carry their water for a hissy fit. Remember the infamous bullying episode from the Wellstone funeral? There were a few scattered boos, what happened was nothing remotely what spewed forth from the rank cable shit engines of CNN, MSNBC and FOX, soon to be taken up by their servile cousins at ABC, CBS and NBC. Television always enables the bullying.

The usual intended targets are, of course, our dear elected leaders in the Democratic Party. Perhaps the weak, nauseating acquiescence to Republican bullying was understandable 2000-2004 when they held so many positions of power, but as Frank Rich noted recently this refusal to change and insistence of kowtowing to any stupid Republican whim even in 2009 is, apparently, forever cemented into their fearful psyches.

Why that is completes one of the most vexing questions facing liberals today. Democrats have kicked ass nationally twice in row, but the laughingly “liberal” media still must invoke an enormous amount of fear among Democrats, that has to be a huge factor in their eternal weenieness. In any particular episode Stockholm syndrome or Blue Dog treachery could be a factor too, but fear of the Mighty Wurlitzer has to be a consistent reason Democrats let themselves be bullied and pushed around on a regular basis.

Marcotte is correct in noting this fulfills the nauseous needs of tribal Republican dickheads to take someone down and give them super-jollie hard-ons in the pure process of the power1, but I think misses another critical element, making Democrats and Liberals lose, no matter how absurd the circumstances, in a tribal show for those watching about who really runs the show. Forget that silly election, we’re stronger than you and we’ll take anyone out when we feel like it, we still rule here. If the victims of this absurdity actually give up and acquiesce on a gut, reptilian brain tribal level humans watching see who the real pack leaders are.

Well, whatever the mysterious reasons for the bullying to keep happening we really need to only understand how to stop it. It’s impossible to stoop to the Republican sleazebag lying levels to fight back on this, so the best thing to do is ignore it and mock it.

Not so hard for us little people but seemingly impossible for our bubblelicious DC Democratic Party cousins. If they refuse to change on this then at least so do their Republican opponents, who will only get punished more for it at the polls, bullying may lead for a pack but doesn’t accomplish Jack or solve any problems, voters sorrowfully looking on.

[1] It’s just an observation to an excellent post, I meant no disrespect. Jesus Christ, not hardly, I’d die a happy guy if I could be half the blogger and writer Amanda Marcotte is.

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