Friday :: Jun 19, 2009

Khamenei Doubles Down

by CA Pol Junkie

Today, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the uprising in Friday prayers today. It was not good news:

There is no cheating inside the election system - it is well controlled. There may been mistakes but 11 million [votes] is not possible.


The street is the place of living and trading. Why are you taking to the streets? We have had the election. Street demonstrations are a target for terrorist plots. Who would be responsible if something happened?

Khamenei tries to pin the blame on the protesters for the upcoming violence against them. I don't know how this would leave room for any resolution other than unspeakable violence against the Iranian people by its government or the removal of Khamenei from power. The uprising has done everything right so far, sustaining massive rallies and disrupting the system. Mousavi is calling for the next rally to be tomorrow at 4:00 PM local time. We will find out then if violence will succeed at quelling the uprising. If not, Khamenei will have no cards left to play.

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