Monday :: Jun 22, 2009

Afghanistan is Lost

by paradox

Most Americans don’t know it, but the US military commander was fired in Afghanistan last month for failure. America has killed so many Afghan civilian men, women and children in error even the new Army commander admitted “we can lose this fight” if we keep slaughtering kids by mistake.

The nightly news hates stories where brave American GI’s screw up under fire and indiscriminately blow up at least 120 Afghan civilians by directly contradicting procedures, which happened May 4th of this year, so very few Americans know about that either.

It would have been easier to report the story, perhaps, if the details hadn’t been so murky. American commanders flat-out denied anyone had been killed as various media leaks confirmed an unholy uproar of livid Afghans pointing out stacks of corpses, then eventually admitted 26 Afghans had been killed. The US should be first with the truth, said the report. Empirical numbers of how many innocents we slaughter, or the denial of utter American failure in Afghanistan?

We’re a bloodthirsty lot, Digby said not long ago, something I regretfully agree with. A sanguinary civil war of utter ruthlessness, two world wars the next century, a vast military-industrial complex that thrives even under the horrifying failure of two foreign wars, this is the America that formed us. We kill so easily, we Americans, we’re very used to it but most of the rest of the world certainly is not.

No, it can be assured with all the certainty available in the universe, Afghan civilians do not look upon the shattered corpse of a young boy and think they can abuse the truth about what just happened. They do not casually shrug it off as a cost of doing American business. They do not instantly forget about it, only to repeat the behavior again and again.

Most of all they do not blithely accepting blowing off the limbs of a little girl on a horrifying death as some little detail of human worldview that of course must be accepted as a necessary small element of Great American Goodness that is present to save them all. No, I’m afraid that burying mothers and cousins and friends under tons of rubble instantly slots Americans as very, very undesirable change agents that should never, ever be trusted and should be evicted from their country and presence for all eternity. As soon as possible.

We’re a bloodthirsty lot. Afghan civilians and the rest of the world are not.

It bears repeating, since the news of bombing Afghan weddings and civilians happens year after year, the story is a very old one, we never seem to learn killing kids is the quickest, surest way to lose.

The new commander for Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, apparently truly has learned and issued new orders that only when Americans forces are in total danger of being killed may the bombs be called in. May all the forces of the universe make this a reality so the killing of Afghan children can stop.

I accepted Obama’s stance on Afghanistan during the campaign because the objective was to keep the appalling McCain out of the oval office and that Americans would not accept a pacifist Democratic candidate.

Well, the election is won and the Afghanistan war lost. That’s what happens when you blow up over a hundred Afghans and then say it didn’t happen and then admit it did—sort of. I want us the hell out of there, now, and nothing will ever convince me this insanity was nothing short of horrifying stupidity. How could a war of George Bush be anything else?

The rest of the world sees it, but somehow Americans refuse to, Obama resolutely proclaims this fight can be won. In my mind we lost a long time ago, this insanity does nothing but damage America in profound ways, and my heart and mind is very heavy and we resolutely go forward. We don’t have to do this, I don’t see the political risks in getting the hell out, and I am forever left in bewildered sadness at the blithe American acceptance of the death, blood and killing.

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