Wednesday :: Jun 24, 2009

Your Mark Sanford Thread

by Turkana

I'm always in favor of keeping the private personal lives of consenting adults private and personal. But when someone's personal life causes him to skip work, and that work is a very important and public position, and he then addresses the media about the personal reasons behind his having skipped work, those personal reasons probably aren't private, anymore...

Mark Sanford voted to impeach President Clinton. His explanations have included this:

And I voted to impeach, because I think that, you know, moral legitimacy is one of the precursors to a legitimate legitimacy.

He also liked to emphasize his abhorrence at lying. You know, like having his staff lie to the media about where the sitting governor was, when he went AWOL.

The good news, though, is that we always can rely on Faux News to get the story right.

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