Thursday :: Jun 25, 2009

Why, In Fact, Can’t Democrats Learn?

by paradox

I don’t know why the dems never learn this lesson, Atrios wrote yesterday, linking to a Mathew Yglesias post that made precisely the same point I made two days before: giving up on single payer all but insured doom for public option because something will have to be compromised away. It’s important to note that the tit-for-tat machinations of negotiation whittle away one’s primary position, yes, but the critical observation for giving up on single payer was that it screamed to the opposition you really couldn’t believe in your mission—health care for all, single payer—so you were weak wussies who could easily be manipulated and pushed around.

The entire premise of the Yglesias post is bullshit—give me a break, that Republican-wannabe Baucus didn’t somehow have the magical ability to give up on single payer from the git-go, hell, single payer was given up on in stupid weakness because of this moron Baucus—but the point still vividly stands that giving up on single payer before we ever started was a terrible, terrible mistake.

I do think the precise mechanics of this flaming fuckup would good to know for the liberal community, accountability is a good thing. The first I ever heard of it was last year in Texas at Netroots Nation from Ezra Klein, who actually had the youthfully obnoxious arrogance to state having single payer as a goal “was a naïve pursuit of perfection.” Well, Ezra, just where did you learn that? Who gave you that strategy to push that was and is so stupid? It’s not just me, your old companeros Atrios and Yglesias say it too. Well? I suppose graduation to the establishment big time means the badass Ezra can ignore the lowly blogger question, but we’ll see.

The obnoxious sneering from a hopelessly wrong fool isn’t the point, it’s that even a nobody from nowhere like me knows never to give up crucial goals in negotiation before you even start, so how come professional politicians like Democrats don’t know?

This is extremely serious stuff, the question is not facetious in the least, why can’t the fucking Democrats possess the ability to learn Negotiation 101? Truly. If in fact they cannot—they’ve displayed woefully stupid inept pathetic political skills for a decade now, you know, come on, this is the reality society, lying to ourselves is as stupid as giving up on single payer—then we as earnest little people have a big, big problem. I don’t see the total inabiality to learn as a wise political strategy for the future, no.

Perhaps Ezra Klien can tell us, since naïve perfectionists could only be hopeless fuckups and he’s a wise establishment Washington Post blogger now. Maybe he knows. Maybe.

All is not lost with healthcare, I know, and if I come across as a pessimistic scourge this morning I apologize, it’s simply that from where I sit the healthcare initiative, strategy and tactics this year has been a pathetic joke, it’s almost at the point where giving up and trying with a fresh start next year is a real alternative. I’m a not exactly a politically in-astute person, and I never even heard of “public option” until a few weeks ago. We’re not talking about universal care or single payer or nationalized insurance, the whole framing and basic issue base of healthcare has been run off the rails.

We needed to be the very best we could be to get a good healthcare bill passed, yet we still make mistakes that should have been resolved in their cause 10 years ago.

I’d love to be wrong and, as stated before, there’s still plenty of time to furiously work hard and salvage public option out of the whole sorry debacle. The issue is that Atrios is very, very correct (again), Democrats never seem to learn the most basic of political lessons. The little people of the country and the Democratic Party deserve one hell of a lot better performance from allegedly professional politicians than that, and my outlook will remain bleak and pessimistic until the history and reality changes, the Democratic Party just can’t continue to let us down on such critical issues every year.

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