Wednesday :: Jul 1, 2009

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Firmly in Place

by paradox

Scrolling idly through my Facebook feed this morning word came in from Pam Spaulding that the odious Pentagon policy toward gays in the military—DADT—will stay completely in place, despite Obama promises from the campaign to the contrary.

The news itself was bad enough in many elements with the predictably atrocious journalism from the Washington Post, but most of all I grieved for Pam and hope she’s all right (her blog still hums along this morning). I don’t know her personally, of course, but this issue is obviously extremely personal to her and the knife of betrayal hurts for her in a way I can’t understand, and it will take a long time to heal.

Let’s get something straight right now, DADT is firmly in place, Obama has abandoned his campaign promise. He’s waffled and made excuses and set up enough feely-good there-there talks with no action to reverse the policy to leave absolutely no doubt in the matter. No politician is brave enough to tell core constituents he’s fucked them over, Obama is no different, so Obama naturally left it to his chief of staff, Emanuel.

"They know the consequences of '94. It looms," White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said of the legislative debacles in President Bill Clinton's early tenure that produced the 1994 Republican landslide. "That division led to failure. . . .”

This is horseshit. Clinton promised to end the ban on gays in the military and it was no big deal at all in the campaign, I precisely remember Jim Lehrer asking why the uproar had occurred in February and not in the Fall. The answer what that Bush couldn’t campaign, which is bull too, it was a classic Republican hissy fit, the Pentagon going along because any Democrat who de-funded their toys had to be hated.

There wasn’t an internet to fight back with then and Clinton folded with this foolish, odious and insulting DADT. It wasn’t division that led to DADT failure, it was weak leadership coupled with a horrendous press. There’s many, many reasons Democrats lost in 1994, and for Emanuel to pin it on DADT divisions is an obnoxious, incorrect, and foolish conclusion.

This is about laying low, not rocking the boat, saving a fight for another day. Why Emanuel insults our intelligence and disseminates this let-us-be-one bullshit is beyond me.

The ultimate delivery of the message is crystal clear and leaves no doubt at all: fuck you and your rights and that silly campaign promise, we changed our minds. We don’t think you can do Jack to us and we’ll take whatever hits you can muster right now. Bring it on, we’ll get it out of the way so we can deal with 2010.

That’s the bitter truth, and although I am dismayed as I said before I’m much more worried about how our brothers and sisters in the LGBT are going to take the news. I’m sorry. We were supposed to be a lot better than this, and I desperately wish there was more I could do.

Before I go the terrible propaganda in the Washington Post delivering this story bears note, even for that paper this is bad, and a huge reason I rarely read anything from that fishwrap anymore.

“After a series of early and relatively easy victories on Capitol Hill, the White House appears certain to face a more difficult road…”

Easy? Who said that? Oh it’s relative, the base logic of the entire thesis of the horrendous piece rests upon whatever the reader decides, which of course could be anything, it’s “relative.” Obama has won legislative victories because Democrats control Executive and Congress, because the public loathes George Bush and Republicans and voted the Democrats in.

Oh but now it’s going to be tough. Why? Obama keeps introducing new bills to solve other problems. Heavens. Of course all the new Democrats force the Party to be “centrists” and screw the liberals. Of course, doesn’t everyone know that? Take our word for it, and this notorious not-liberal Senator Schumner will back us up.

“For the White House, the trick is to keep a firm grip without appearing overly meddlesome.”

You call this reporting, Murray and Balz? Ugh, I call it screamingly obvious propaganda, where in the hell is this universal truth written that you so reverently passed along? From your screw-the-Democrats pointy heads, take off, the entire piece is full of outrageous premises like this.

Obama to be tested. No free pass for Obama, say the titles. Okay, WaPo, we freaking get it. It’s a major reason our leaders keep selling us out, your obvious propaganda, and it continues to grievously hurt my people very much.

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