Saturday :: Jul 4, 2009

Naive Idiots

by Deacon Blues

Reuters image of The Quitter In Pumps abandoning her responsibilities yesterday

Three quick hits on this Independence Day.

Exit Stage Right

The national media is falling all over itself in their coverage of Sarah Palin’s abrupt abandonment of her job, without ever stating the obvious. She’s an unstable less-than-one term nobody, a politician drunk on her own delusions of national stature, with no record of political accomplishment and sagging approval ratings and prospects, and yet she still gets credited by these same national scribes as leaving to get a head start on 2012? Seriously? She’s leaving because she’s about to get taken down, you idiots, and yet you are so starry- eyed over her heels and tight-fitting clothes that you maintain this fiction that she’s a national political presence. No, she’s a quitter in pumps with a book deal, who rose to her level of incompetence on the national stage right before our eyes in real time. And for Pat Buchanan to mention her in the same sentence as Richard Nixon does a great disservice – to Nixon.

Stimulus - Told You So

Paul Krugman restates what he and many of us have thought from Day One about the Obama “stimulus” plan: it was too little, too timid, and too much a Christmas tree. And now that Obama has shown he can be rolled by Congress in his zeal to get a deal, any deal done, a better and more focused stimulus package is probably beyond his reach at precisely the time one is needed. The original one was utter crap, larded with stuff that had little to do with stimulus, items best placed into appropriate policy bills. Now that we need more infrastructure spending, foreclosure prevention and home financing assistance, aid to the states, and targeted tax incentives to clear inventory, Obama will never get it.

Obama Tells Bloggers to STFU on Health Care

Lastly, Obama wants progressive bloggers and the center-left media machine to stop trashing centrist Democratic senators for undermining his health care agenda, because it isn’t helpful. Instead, Obama wants these folks and groups to help win the message battle against the right wing “do nothing” crowd on health care. Fair enough Mr. President. But later this summer, your supposed 60-seat caucus in the Senate will reveal itself to be a falsehood, because a small group of corporate whores masquerading as Democrats, with their pockets lined with industry cash, will undermine real health care reform and blow up the public option. At that time, I will be the first person to yell at you and Rahm “you naïve bastards!” Because you and he will be fully accountable for that debacle, not progressive bloggers and the center-left media machine.

And on those notes, I hope you and your families have a happy and safe Fourth.

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