Tuesday :: Jul 7, 2009

St. Jude's Food Bank Garden, July 1, 2009

by paradox

I am back from my little sojourn to the Shiznit, as a writer I like very much at Daily Kos would say, I liked Colorado very much, but unfortunately I got sick for the wedding, another two days on the planet lost to an oblivion of puke and drawn curtains, then a flight home. Oh well.

Before I left I snapped the required images of St. Jude’s Food Bank Garden for July 1 but couldn’t post. Many things are going well, I decided for the first year I just had try hard, it’s been a while since I tried to grow so much. Looks like 300 ears of corn in three weeks, not a bad effort.

[Images below the fold]

P1010010 P1010008 P1010009 P1010005 P1010002 P1010014
P1010015 P1010025 P1010022 P1010030 P1010033 P1010035

I will be back on the political prowl very soon, perhaps tomorrow. I’m a little discouraged, I’m sorry to say, but I’ve been talking to my people, some calls were made, it’s all I really can do.

The tomatoes are overflowing the boxes, the pumpkins the children planted thrive with their new water line, the peppers and cucumbers prosper. I have patty pan squash now, the eggplants getting bigger by the week. It’s something, a place to go and think. Keeps me tied down, sorta, I’m not all impressed with life many days but I can’t abandon it when I tend so much.

Please be well, Left Coasters, I’ll be around very soon, I hope an evening of joy and peace will soon be yours.

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