Tuesday :: Jul 7, 2009

The Perils of Centrism

by Deacon Blues

Two items of interest tonight:

Progressives Push Back On Health Care

As some of you have noted, Obama reined in Rahm today somewhat from Russia about the latter’s apparent tossing aside of the public option to get a health care reform package. The sands have shifted a little in the last 24 hours, as the House Progressive Caucus finally got tired of watching the DLC-types in the White House cater to the health care industry and laid down a marker of their own: no public option, then no health care reform package. Furthermore, Harry Reid told Max Baucus today to stop ditching core principles to please Republicans who won’t vote with us anyway.

Obama Loses Ground in Ohio

Second, it should be no surprise to anyone, especially the DLC scum in the White House that Obama’s approval ratings are falling in Ohio. If you sell out the auto industry, bail out Wall Street and foreign banks, and then let supposedly Democratic senators like Claire McCaskill and Ben Nelson gut the state stabilization funds from the stimulus bill, while passing a weak-tea package, it should not be a mystery next year when Democrats do poorly in states like Ohio and Missouri, among others.

This White House is squandering a political and electoral mandate right before our eyes.

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