Thursday :: Jul 9, 2009

Absolutely No Excuses This Time

by paradox

Few statements are more galling to partisan Americans than both political parties, Republican and Democrat, are basically the same, by God and baby Jesus we’re as different as red’n blue, how is it possible that isn’t obvious? Barbara Boxer is very different than James Inhofe!

Anyone who claims that the parties are mirror images of each other is a fool or liar, the consistently very good Anonymous Liberal says today, and as a flaming pinko communist grow local liberal I can equivocally say you’re god damn right, my good man, tactics and players in the Republican and Democratic camps are wildly different. It’s never been the issue in the statement, however.

Political results are the empirically concrete issue with a lot of Americans, they could care less if Bernie Sanders or Eric Cantor fix a problem or initiates change. This is why I voted for Nader, I read recently in a health care comment thread at Daily Kos, a statement that to this day makes me want to run screaming from the room, yet if there is no viable public option passed this year--from a results prospective--how is the Democratic alternative better than a Republican offering?

It’s absurdly easy to transfer the thesis to huge politcal issues. The Democrats are in charge, but the wars go on (Iraq is on timetable, I know, but it’s far too slow, and the war..still…grinds…on, okay?). The war on drugs plows obdurately, stupidly ahead. The third-rail DOD spending increases under Democrats. Jill Richardson is righteously creased about the FDA appointment, while Glenzilla is naturally on the warpath for Obama out-Bushing Bush, if that were somehow fucking possible, with civil liberties.

But the parties are vastly different. See?

As a liberal Democrat of course I see, very well thank you so much, I have my obstreperous way of expressing my unhappiness with all that is so very fucked up with the Demcoratic Party, this is very true, but we have not lost our total freaking minds, my God, global warming is not a hoax, blowing up children who had done nothing to us and calling it necessary for peace is not a Democratic Party practice, and we do not routinely humiliate ourselves, our country, and our forefathers (what they must think if they can look on, oh God) with lunatic policy stances like tax cuts increase revenue or, just incredibly, rejection of Darwin. Some days I really get tired of being embarrassed as an American for sharing the country with these mental Republican rejects, you know?

At any rate, as a partisan liberal Democrat with a functioning brain and a real-time implemented set of ethics practiced every day of course I am as impatient and as sneering as the studly Anonymous Liberal at the ridiculous proposition the Republican and Democratic parties are basically alike. Jesus. I’m postive there are tens of millions of partisan Democrats just like myself out there, and it’s time to admit that if public option somehow doesn’t pass this year we have a big, big personal political perspective problem on our hands.

Galaxies, supernovas and the stars, no matter how many billions of light years away, all are in alignment for health care reform to pass this year, how many times has it been said already? Democrats control Congress and Exexcutive, holy shit they even have 60 votes in the Senate! Health care has been a flaming meteoric issue of howling pain for the American electorate for at least a decade, there are simply zero risks, none at all, anywhere, in advocating serious health care reform like a public option.

If public option health care reform doesn’t pass a slow, careful analysis of Democratic and Republican alleged alikeness with have to be initiated yet again, and this time a lot of the charge will have to stick. Democrats simply don’t have any excuses this time, anywhere, if they can’t pass a public option they really have no business identifying themselves as base politcal actors, let alone some kind of principled partisan players.

I really don’t think the analysis will be necessary, I do think that with too much trouble and jockying real health care reform, in some true manner, is going to pass this year, but I am extremely annoyed to be put in this position at all, Jesus Christ I don’t think so, real partisanship should always be obvious, not subject to base tests. Even so here we are, Democrats, there are absolutely no excuses from being very different than the Republicans right now.

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