Friday :: Jul 10, 2009

Republicans Are Not Aboard

by paradox

Water under the bridge, Paul Krugman sagely said of the Obama mistake in not making the original 2009 stimulus strong enough. Magnanimity is an overrated virtue, I have no compunction about driving the knife home yet again how manifestly foolish it was to spend a dime with tax cuts in that stimulus, because I frankly am not reassured in any sense the primary lesson from the January stimulus has been learned: the Republicans are not aboard.

In fact, THE REPUBLICANS WANT THE PARTY AND OBAMA TO FAIL. How I wish it was a huge banner that’s flown over the White House every hour, I am deadly serious, the never was and never will be a “new” way forward with a “new” politics. Right. The Republicans will do everything they can, of course, to impede Obama, and if that means screwing the country and the little people oh well.

There’s basically one obvious event on a path to the very necessary—but still very hypothetical--Stimulus II: a fight. Where’s the money going to come from, especially since Obama blew the risk again and proactively adopted the deficit-is-bad-Democrats-are-prudent meme? I don’t mind President Obama being fiscally prudent, of course not, but it does seriously crease me prudence is always only for Democrats in our political culture, go figure. When Republicans need to borrow to the moon the issue never arises—even though they screech about it so. How convenient.

At any rate, should President Obama go forth with Stimulus II (a helluva lot easier said than done with Democratic quislings like Harry Reid on your team) the money would either have to come from taxes or borrowing, which the Republicans would gleefully exploit to whatever political advantage—no matter how petty, dishonest or mean it is—they could. To allay that—not difficult—Obama would have to get in a fight, not a huge one, but Republicans will never really be his friends again. It’s not exactly a burdened life, all right?

Obviously Obama would choose more borrowing for Stimulus II—once he totally acknowledge the Republicans will try to impede and sets up a fight to get it—but there is another path to funding Stimulus II, so easily rich with a stunning array of hundreds of billions of dollars, an incredible vast fortune in cash just waiting to be diverted. Amazingly, I can hardly believe I type the words, $700 billion in cash went to the DOD and the wars last year. We totally have the money to give everyone a job with healthcare in the this country, it’s right there at the DOD.

I am profoundly discouraged and shaken at the Obama administration insanity of increasing “defense” spending. I’m just as incredulous at the unquestioning acceptance of it in the Democratic base and even the blogging community, as far as I read only Digby and Glenzilla and Yglesias ever raise the issue. A $500 billion annual DOD budget is a horrifying and profoundly wrong element for the United States that no liberal or progressive should ever calmly accept, yet there never seems to be a peep of protest or alarm about it.

The amazingly powerful third rail element to insane DOD spending is what really scares me in the issue. Criticize Obama about DOD spending and be prepared to be instantly shunned at a place like Daily Kos. It’s insane to spend $500 billion annually at the DOD, but it’s really scary how reducing it is never, ever an option, for the issue is never, ever raised in the first place, absolutely to be ignored if someone brings it up. Creepy.

We are Democrats, we are Alpha Killers, is that it? Even if it bankrupts the country? If anything ever makes me leave the Party it will be this, I cannot believe how we have lost our way here, and how seemingly in the minority I am over it.

At any rate, successful implementation of Stimulus II would require a fighting Administration and Congress with hurt feelings for our incompetent Republican cousins, what horrors. Somehow the funds will have to be found, which means more borrowing, since raising taxes or raiding the DOD are always totally out of the question. I’m not holding my breath.

Oh I’m wrong and Obama has the ability to fight a screamingly necessary new Jobs Bill through acknowledging there will never be a way forward with Republicans? Show me.

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