Saturday :: Jul 18, 2009

Our Wonderful Senators

by paradox

I instinctively do not like Senators because I think the American bicameral legislature is an absurd setup for elitist obstruction to Democracy, not the least of which is its abhorrent skew to small states in the middle of nowhere. It leads to a situation where a fool like Ben Nelson, Nebraska, makes himself a kingmaker out of a ridiculous corn syrup reality that represents nothing but his weenie ego.

Atrios of Eschaton has remarked for a long time he intensely dislikes the Senate because of the all the bloated, obnoxious, bloviating butt head personalities the place routinely barfs out on television, inflicting lousy politics and acute embarrassment on the rest of us. Jeff Sessions is a classic example, recently fouling the Sotomayor hearings with a twangy smarmy voice that instantly got on my nerves, pitching sick racial political ploys that somehow dared Americans to forget he was rejected from the federal bench for being a gross racist himself. Senators routinely make complete asses of themselves like this and then look at the rest of us as if we have to get it, Senators are a national weekly embarrassment, it’s empirically true, yes.

Paul Krugman, via TPM, has six dark foul horsemen who actually posses the gall to obstruct healthcare: Nelson, Lieberman, Snowe, Collins, Landrieu and Wyden. These mental clowns are simply amazing in their obtuse, ego-besotted reality, they think their mental masturbatory games are good for the country, seriously, even on an issue like healthcare, where failure is not an option. These grossly obnoxious fools, however, act as if they can really hold back change with their obvious little games.

I was vastly disturbed last night to hear the garbling obnoxious trash to come spilling out of Wyden’s office. The chief of staff snarled that contrary to popular fairy tale, the US Senate was still bound under the horribly un-democratic filthy rules of the filibuster.

Hold it right there, mister, how can that be, wasn’t there a huge celebration and crushing morale loss from the Republicans when Specter and Franken got the Party to 60 votes?

Get this, according to the massive frontal lobes representing the US Senate we do not. No, 60 does not mean 60, it means 58, two of our Senators are sick all the time. They will miss the vote of their lives, they will too, watch.

What’s that, why are we instantly caving to filibuster threat like horrible cowards? This utterly foul, offensive charlatan out of Wyden’s office will insist right to our faces that a filibuster is actually a politically viable option for the Republicans, like stirring coffee. Republicans should pay such a nuclear price for obstructing critically needed democratic reform it should be the most laughable of fantasies, but somehow the office of Wyden plays instantly along. Just amazing.

Personally I have to deal with an incredibly offensive Senator representing California, Dianne Feinstein, who is also obstructing health care change. I’ve been acutely embarrassed all week as Jane Hamsher and Nyceve futilely try anything just to try and talk to her. Few Senate offices are as obdurately unresponsive as that of Feinstein, very Democratic Party California has screamed at her many times to be a Democrat, but no one answers the phone as she inevitably howls at a blue moon, indigo hound dog all the way, decency and democracy be damned.

The fantasies coming out of Wyden’s office are particularly disturbing, they display a fierce determination to ignore even the most basic of realities and decency. Normal political levers and logic are useless with such fools, their brains don’t work with them, some other methods will have to be found to smash some sense into their heads simply to be regular Democrats who embrace change. What a concept.

SusanG, editor at Daily Kos, describes the latest lobbying efforts of Obama on healthcare as “going for broke.” I pray for the success of President Obama every morning with healthcare, and hope he goes for broke every day until real healthcare reform is passes, because with the Senators the United States is currently afflicted with that’s precisely what it’s going to take to make it happen. Good luck and god bless, sir, thanks for opening up the throttle.

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