Tuesday :: Jul 21, 2009

You Can See Right Through It

by Turkana

This sounds familiar. From the New York Times:

An Obama administration panel will miss a Tuesday deadline to report on its efforts to meet President Obama’s directive to close the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, by January, administration officials said on Monday.

The officials said that a task force reviewing detention policy would need another six months to complete its report and a second group, reviewing interrogation policy, would need two more months to finish its report to Mr. Obama.

Senior administration officials said at a briefing for reporters that the missed deadlines did not mean the administration was bogged down in its effort to close the prison, which now holds 229 men suspected of terrorism.

A full Friedman Unit, but not bogged down. And not that there's a pattern here, because it's been almost three whole weeks since the administration announced it would delay making public the internal report on the CIA's "secret" "detention" and "interrogation" program. And it's certainly not as if the administration has a habit of retaining Bush policies on secrecy. After all, it's the most transparent administration in history!

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